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Public Service Announcements

Illegal Interview Questions

InterviewI’ve been on the lookout for a list of questions that really can’t be asked in a job interview.  A lot of sites skirt around the issue because legal advice online can be a no-no without loads of disclaimers, etc.  In particular the question on your medical status is an obvious illegal question, but some employers try asking it any way.

I found a great blog entry that discusses those top 10 illegal questions in an interview.  My advice if an employer asks any of these questions?  Don’t work for them.

Back in 2001…

I am not one for online memorials, but I felt it important to at least say something today.  I watched a show last night on what happened six years ago and it still chills me to think about what people went through.  I can’t even begin to know how it was for people who were trapped and knew they weren’t getting out.  We’re still dealing with what happened in a medical sense too.  Many of those exposed to the toxins floating around in the air that day and after are set on their way to life-altering disease.  I think my migraines are bad some times but these people go through hell every day on the outside and in their minds.   A little bit of humility never hurt anyone, especially today.

Speaking of Headaches…

We’re going on a cruise in January and subsequently now require a passport for travel. Tazz had an expired one and was able to renew it while I had to request a new one. It’s been two months and I already got mine; Tazz’s is still in process. After reading an article on CNN about passport processing times increasing, I wanted to mention that stapling a $20 bill to the application does work.

Bluetooth Headsets; not an appendange people…

Bluetooth Headset

There is a guy that walks around where I work with his bluetooth headset on all day long. He goes into the bathroom with it, the elevator, and into meetings. Since when do you have to be poised to get a call 24×7? Take the headset off and put it into your pocket. When you get a call that lasts longer than a minute, put it on. Simple as that. The blue light on it gives me a headache too!! Seriously.

Then I found this post today on the 37 Signals blog. Holy crap you need to read the comments.

I hate SPAM!

I just enabled a new anti-spam device on my site called Hashcash.  If you have problems posting comments to the blog, let me know via the contact form.  After getting over 20 comment spams today that slipped through the filter, I decided to take action.