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November Headache Carnival

Entries for the November 2008 Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival on the theme of “art inspired by headache and migraine disease” are due by the end of the day on Friday, November 7th.

Posts that relate to the November carnival’s theme will receive preference. Entries on topics that are particularly useful, educational or inspirational for headache and migraine sufferers are also welcome. Posts may be submitted through the form on the carnival website or directly to me by e-mail.

The November carnival will be posted on Monday, November 10th right here at Pain in the Head.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a blog carnival and would like to learn more, visit this link: Blog Carnival. You can get more information about the carnival at this link: Headache & Migraine Blog Carnival. Also, please let Diana (the Carnival Leader) know if you’d like to be added to the e-mail list for the carnival, if you’re interested in hosting a future edition or if you have suggestions for future themes.

What to do with Canadian dollars

We forgot to stop at the currency exchange on the way home – I have Canadian money and nowhere to spend it!!

The trip home was fairly uneventful except for the annoying habits of Chicagoland drivers.  The entire trip, driving-wise, had very little delays and issues except coming home through Chicago.  What a mess!  I luckily had some insider information on how to get around the bad stuff.  We even ran into my father driving home in his company van – almost two hours from home!

Last night’s headache was shitty.  Like I had mentioned, I ended up taking a nap in the hotel trying to get it to release my left temple.  Upon waking up, I was greeted with a headache hangover and a general sense of nausea.  Attempting to salvage the rest of the evening, I took the last three Ibuprofen I could find and we headed to a Starbucks in Mississauga.  Surprisingly, a good strong cup of coffee seemed to steam off the hangover vapors.  I felt more human within an hour and we ended the night off on a good note.

After 12 hours of driving from Toronto back to Milwaukee, I’m about done.  Another ice pick is starting to dig into my left temple and I don’t feel like medicating again.  I think I just need to sleep in my own bed.  🙂

Bye Bye, Beta Blockers!

I finally went back to my doctor and talked to him about the current medications I am on.  I’ve been trying to lose weight over the years and even the modest amount of activity fails to show results.  Reading up on beta blockers (I’m on Toprol XL) I found out that because they keep your heart rate low, it can interfere with aerobic exercise.  Not getting above a certain bpm prevents my body from burning the fat like it should.  Funny huh – I’m on beta blockers because I have high blood pressure and the best way to drop that is to lose weight.  Can’t lose weight if the meds prevent it…

Tazz and I also went camping two weeks ago and it was a lot of fun.  The weather was decent and the headaches kept themselves to a minimum.  We’ve already planned another weekend trip in July and September, camping in local areas.  I found that being away from technology and being active kept my mind off of the headaches.  Sometimes I wonder if they’re self-induced anyway!

I started this post early this morning and am now finishing it up before I leave from work.  Since I left during lunch to take a walk around downtown, I’ve had a wicked headache.  Caffeine, Ibuprofen, and now Naproxen isn’t even touching it.  I’m thankful that I’m leaving work soon because this one is kicking my ass right now.