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Anthem, How I Dislike Thee

anthemIt’s about time I have another fight with my medical insurance company, Athem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I received a letter from them at the end of December letting me know that my plan is no longer covering omeprazole (the generic of Prilosec) in 40mg doses.  I am taking the 20mg pills but had my doctor spend weeks getting them to authorize a quantity of two a day, bringing the total dose to 40mg.

I called Anthem today, finally, to discuss this change in my coverage and how it’ll affect me.  Using their handy [sarcasm – it sucks] drug coverage & pricing tool online, I won’t be covered.  Previous experience has shown me that this tool doesn’t take into account authorizations on file and relatively has a mind of its own.  It’s useless.  Anyway, I got a very pleasant customer service representative to understand my dilema.

Nexium works the best for me, but it costs $65 a month or more.  I’ve tried EVERYTHING else and nothing works except Prilosec or its generic in a higher dose.  Prilosec is chemically similar to Nexium and actually contains about 20% of the active material of Nexium.  Fun fact for the day.


The CS rep took the time to talk with a pharmacy specialist, placing me on hold for a good ten minutes.  She said that because my doctor has completed the prior authorization form and they approved it, they’ll cover the prescription.  My renewal for the pills comes up at the end of the month, so I’m crossing my fingers I won’t have WWIII to contend with.  In the end, I could ask my doctor for 90 days of samples, but since I have insurance I might as well make them pay for it.

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Stink Lines

A woman walked past my desk at work today with such strong perfume that it gave me a headache.  Luckily it didn’t last long as the circulation in this office is above par.  I’m still amazed that people take a bath in that shit.  I wear a modest amount of cologne and even then it’s not so overpowering that I made flowers wilt when I walk past.

I understand the desire to smell “pretty” and I’m sure everyone has a bottle or ten of their favorite scent they like to use.  Even us migraineurs can like scented junk but there is a simple thing called MODERATION.  I know there are entire blogs dedicated to scent-free this and scent-free that.  I just like to add my own useless two cents into the electronic ether about it.

Speaking of bad smells, there is no worse place for perfumed-over body odor than at the gym.  Tuesday night Tazz and I went to the gym and happened to pick the two open treadmills next to the smelliest man in the world.  The only thing I can compare it to is a steak house gone rancid.  WOW.  We ended up moving when two other treadmills opened.  It was bad enough that I nearly yarked.  That would have been a scene – my upchuck hitting the belt and spraying over the gym bunnies behind me while simulatenously flying on my ass.  I think I need to bring some Febreeze with me.

Not sure who to give the copyright nod to for the image, I think Warner Brothers.  Meh.