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Stormy Couple of Weeks

The past two weeks have been very violent, weather-wise.  I’m sure most of you have heard about the weather systems pouring through Wisconsin.  Tazz and I were at a waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells area when the first system of the week+ period of tornados and rain came through.  We ended up getting home okay that night but saw many funnel clouds and dodged lots of lightning and rain.  The area is flooded but luckily our house has been spared, for now, and the basement is dry.

The weather systems have been playing hell with my migraines, too.  I’ve been using abortive drugs more than normal and I think it’s been killing my stomach too.  Sigh, woe is me.  I’m not to a point where I even want to consider going back onto antiseizure medications, but if my stomach is getting nailed, I bet my liver isn’t liking it.  My doctor is finally getting me off of beta blockers by decreasing the dose.  I forgot to refill the lower dose and today I’m going through, for a lack of a better term, withdrawal.  My heart rate is usually pretty low, around 60bpm, with the beta blocker and with it being higher I feel weird.  Stupid me for forgetting to get the pills earlier.

In any case, school will be over in a little over a month.  Tazz and I are going to be driving out to Niagara Falls in August and camping in July and September.  I’m hoping the mosquitos aren’t horrible in July!!

Bye Bye, Beta Blockers!

I finally went back to my doctor and talked to him about the current medications I am on.  I’ve been trying to lose weight over the years and even the modest amount of activity fails to show results.  Reading up on beta blockers (I’m on Toprol XL) I found out that because they keep your heart rate low, it can interfere with aerobic exercise.  Not getting above a certain bpm prevents my body from burning the fat like it should.  Funny huh – I’m on beta blockers because I have high blood pressure and the best way to drop that is to lose weight.  Can’t lose weight if the meds prevent it…

Tazz and I also went camping two weeks ago and it was a lot of fun.  The weather was decent and the headaches kept themselves to a minimum.  We’ve already planned another weekend trip in July and September, camping in local areas.  I found that being away from technology and being active kept my mind off of the headaches.  Sometimes I wonder if they’re self-induced anyway!

I started this post early this morning and am now finishing it up before I leave from work.  Since I left during lunch to take a walk around downtown, I’ve had a wicked headache.  Caffeine, Ibuprofen, and now Naproxen isn’t even touching it.  I’m thankful that I’m leaving work soon because this one is kicking my ass right now.