A few weeks ago I found a research journal article on “Testosterone replacement therapy for treatment refractory cluster headache” in National Institute of Health’s PubMed library.  In it, it discusses there possibly being a link between Cluster Headache patients and low levels of testosterone.  Supplementing the hormone levels with replacement therapy has shown positive results, although the study was only performed with a small group.

Being more proactive about my headaches since the significant increase beginning in summer of 2010, I brought this research to my neurologist.  He is not a cluster headache “specialist” but keeps up on some of the newer research, and has heard of the link between the testosterone levels and CH potential.  While this treatment is very new and something he doesn’t normally do (I’m one of his very few CH patients), he was very willing to go ahead with trying it.  I got my blood tested and it did show my levels were low, but not necessarily as low as some of the patients singled out in the research paper.

He started me on Androderm, a dermal patch at 2.5mg of testosterone over 24 hours.  So far, the results have been positive.  It wasn’t an instant switch off, but it with the increase of melatonin back to 12mg have changed the headaches somewhat.  I’m hoping that over the course of the next few weeks that I even out.  My doc said this is an introductory level of the hormone and I will most likely increase.  The only problem is the Androderm patch is not cheap – nearly $5 a patch.  I really hope it helps for that price.

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Erin · June 28, 2011 at 9:37 AM

My husband also suffers from testosterone relaated headaches. We are actually going to see a endocrinologist today to try and get some more help. We discovered that his T levels were low 2 years ago and the doctor started him on Androgel. He had minor relief for awhile but the headaches never went away, and about 6 months ago they came back full swing. Although his levels are up they still aren’t quite where they should be. With the addition of Testosterone injections of 1cc per week he remained headache free for about 6 days. However the family physician doesn’t feel comfortable prescribing that amount of testosterone so off to the specialist we go. If the patch doesn’t work ask your neurologist about injections. They are cheaper than the patch also.

Ken · August 29, 2011 at 10:53 AM

I’m having these chronic headaches too. I have an appointment schedule with an endocrinologist but it’s not until the end of September. I need relief from these headaches ASAP. They are miserable and make me wan to vomit they ar so painful. Any help I could get is greatly appreciated.

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