airI’m usually not overly sensitive to scents/sprays.  However, I have found automated air fresheners in bathrooms contains some of the most potent, eye-burning scents known to man.  A particular bathroom at the school I go to has four of these babies in the room all firing every 15 minutes or so.  Walking in that bathroom is like walking into a French whore house.  Horrible.

Today I was in the restroom at work washing my hands and I looked up.  What did I see?  One of those evil machines staring at me with its single eye of death spray.  I thought to myself, you need to leave now before it sprays.  As I was drying my hands with my back to machine, it lets out the puff of air.

Awe shit.

Not more than two seconds later I felt the mist hit my neck and then into my sinuses.  You’d think the floral scent would be relaxing, but it’s not.  I’m very lucky I didn’t get a migraine out of this experience.  But now I know, the machines can read your thoughts and are as devious as those squirrels that run out in front of cars to make you swerve to miss them.

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