I’m glad the election is almost over.  Yippee!

Had a fun headache at work today and realized I had no abortives at work.  I’ve blogged about this before.  I have chronic headaches and yet I don’t make sure I have the right meds on me to fix it.  I think it’s just denial.  I don’t get headaches.  Nope.  Negative.  They don’t exist.


I saw a person at work that I think was having a migraine as well.  I was in the kitchen making toast and a burnt popcorn set her off.  She was being really shy about it but I could tell one of her eyes was tearing up.  The smell was getting to me too and I got out of there as quickly as I could.  I wanted to tell her I understood but then I’d come off as a stalker.  Is it bad to say it’s good to find people that suffer like me?

Don’t forget that the November Headache Carnival deadline is coming up.  The theme is art inspired by migraines.  If you’ve made something artistic related to your migraines, submit it to the carnival!  I will be reviewing all the submissions and you’ll see the results out on November 10th.

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