Seems like I’m on a three week schedule for updating my blog.  The blog has taken somewhat of a back seat since other things have been taking my attention.

Camping this past weekend at KOA in Wisconsin Dells was great.  The cabin was cozy, the people very friendly, and the weather beyond awesome.  It put a nice end to the summer season!  This is actually my favorite time of the year, with the trees turning colors and the air a bit chilly at night.  The trees just started to turn in our area and soon we’ll be left with the grey skeletons of branches.  Of course, not soon after those grey skeletons turn white in winter with all of the snow.  That’s fun too!

School has turned out to be manageable this semester.  My Monday night class is a lot of work and the four person team only has myself and one other person doing any work.  It sucks how inexperienced the other two guys are and I wouldn’t complain if this were an undergrad degree.  Master’s degree implies a level of knowledge on the applied level.  I shouldn’t have to teach people concepts that I learned during my Associate’s Degree schooling.

The new client at work has been good so far.  I am busy all day long and have very little time to goof off.  I’m learning a lot as well and finally applying my schooling to my job.  My previous jobs and clients were technical in nature but in reality all revolving around non-software engineering positions.  I’m finally designing applications and also implementing those designs.  Fun, yes, but exhausting.

My Grandather is coming up from Texas this coming weekend to visit mainly my parents, but also my brother and I.  He’s in the dark about me being gas, but he’s a smart guy and probably knows.  He knows Tazz is a friend at least and he’ll be with me when we go up this weekend.  I think it’s good that Tazz get to know my Grandfather a little bit since it explains a lot about my father.  😉

I’m hosting a carnival next month – topic is art inspired by migraines.  I’ll post more on it later.


I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


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