I’m in the tunnel known as final projects week in school.  I’ll be able to regain some sense of normalcy after the 5th of May when I take the last test for the two classes I’m in right now.  I am going to be taking a summer class but it’s online and should allow for a little bit of flexibility.  I know I bitch about school a lot but that’s pretty much how life it.  What else is a blog good for if you can’t complain incessantly about how horrible your life is?  Hahaha.

My headaches have been on and off lately.  Since coming off of verapamil the frequency has evened out to 2-3 a week that require NSAIDs but they’ve been shitty ones.  I think the benefit of having a clear mind far outweighs the headaches.  The antiseizure medications really put me in a cloud of confusion and that doesn’t work too well in school when you’re giving presentations every other week.  My body told me in other ways it didn’t like the meds including digestive issues if you get my drift.  There’s nothing like being confused and getting cramps all the time.  Fun times, seriously.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before (and I’m too lazy to look back at my entries) if I talked about my dad being in the hospital.  He was having chest pains when doing shoveling and ended up going into the hospital for observation and multiple tests.  They delayed the catheterization procedure twice because he had the flu.  In the end, he has 30% blockage in a smaller artery which they’re going to treat with meds.  No other reason was given for the symptoms.  I really think it’s his management of his diabetes that’s the underlying issue for the health problems.  Being on pills for diabetes and being overweight would be an indicator I would want an endochronoligist (sp?).  He feels his crack-head family doctor is good enough and he knows how to manage his diabetes better than any doctor.  This coming from the man that eats a piece of cake and takes an extra pill to “make up for it.”  Stupid parents. 

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Tazz · April 20, 2008 at 7:26 PM

These being the same parents we get to put in a home someday…Ahhhh…

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