I feel like a fool.  Well, okay, that’s a little severe.  Life has continued to be busy and I always feel like I’m letting things slip by.  That’s primarily due to school and my keen ability to do everything but homework even though I’m sitting at my desk with the books out.  Suddenly the wash needs to be done, or I have to vacuum, or I have to make that unimportant phone call.  Self-distraction is so easy with me.  Damnit!

Droopy EyeI had like three migraines yesterday.  I think there may have been a correlation between them and the odd weather system moving in.  I woke up with one, had one midday and then had a lovely rebound right before going to school.  It was lovely.  My manager noticed I wasn’t acting “right” and asked if anything was wrong.  I think the droopy eye and lightning bolts coming out of my ears might have given it away.

Work has been “okay” for the past few weeks.  I am on a project that had some high intensity but I’m now waiting for some people to finish subtasks before I can continue.  I want to get the damn project finished but alas, it’s out of my hands right now.  For the past week, I’ve been trying to keep myself entertained with little tasks here and there.  I find it strange for a client to not keep “the help” busy that is billing them at over $100/hour.  They were also the client that forced my employer to take me off of other clients so I could be there full time.  I shouldn’t bitch since this client is awesome and a good assignment.  I’m slated to be there through the end of the year, which is apparently rare and it looks good on my part.

Life has pretty much been school, work, sleep, and eat.  My trip to San Antonio was nice, however short.  I got to spend time with my Aunt, Grandfather, and my quasi-cousin (long story).  I like going down every six months or so since it kind of breaks up the year and it feels more like another home every time.

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