I have been so bad with getting a post onto the site. My body has been giving up on me lately with the flu/colds going around the area and I finally got sick. After our return from the cruise at the beginning of February, I was sick for a week, got better for a week and then have been sick again with another strain since. I did end up going to the doctor this second round and got a really high yield antibiotic because of the secondary infection that crouped up into my lungs. It was NOT fun. I did get a good cough syrup with hydrocodone that actually suppressed the cough and a 12-hour antihistamine to dry up my head. It really made life bearable the past two weeks.

I’ve also taken my Aunt’s advice and I started taking Airborne to help with the cold. I’m not sure if it’s helped or not but I do know the nighttime formula has Valerian root in it and I sleep very soundly with it. The vitamin C can’t be bad and all the other goodies too. The best part? My FSA (flexible spending account) covers it so I can get reimbursed on it. “Vitamins” aren’t normally covered so this is a bonus in my mind.

To help with my migraines I am on an anti-seizure medication called Zonisamide (formally Zonegran). I have found that I do have some of the Topamax “Dopamax” effect with this drug and it affect my word usage when talking to people and concentration levels when I’m at school. I think I am going to be stopping the medication soon because I want to come back to normal.

I read a blog called Violent Acres and it’s a journey of a mysterious woman through her life of cynicism and blunt kiss my ass love. So, basically, I love it (and she swears a lot). She just had a post about her returning from the dead oddly enough (interesting how we both chose similar titles…) and she made an enlightening comment:

“Iâ??ve said this before, but humans need pain to appreciate life. People need contrast.”

I’ve kind of had this philosophy before but she plainly states it and it kind of explains why most people I know with chronic illness seem to appreciate life differently. I know that when I get a migraine, that first minute when I feel the pain breaking away is like a new life. It’s a breath of fresh air. Weird, huh?

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