We’re back from the cruise and we had SO MUCH FUN.  The entire trip went without a hitch except we didn’t get to go to the Grand Cayman Islands because a 43 year old man had a heart attack and we had to turn the ship around.  The Coast Guard ended up air lifting him off the ship and we lost about 10 hours, making it impossible to meet the time requirements for docking there.  We found out later on he made it safe and sound and was recovering.  We’re also recovering and I’m getting back into the groove.

This trip also brought up something I hadn’t really expected.  I knew that I would be somewhat disconnected from the world since the Internet connection was really expensive on the ship.  We ended up paying for 100 minutes ($55!!) of time to send quick e-mails, etc but it was still not like “being online.”  What we didn’t expect is the actual feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the world.  We didn’t know what the weather was like back home, what the stocks were doing, any of that.  While we had CNN in the room, we rarely paid any attention to it.  I usually would pull out the iPhone and check the weather – something I couldn’t do without it costing a LOT on the ship.  We got ashore in Florida and it was like I took a hit of smack when my phone turned back on.  Talk about being an addict.

And, as if to add to my habit…  Apple is replacing my squealing laptop with a brand new one.  The part that has been making the high pitched squeal the past 19 months has been very hard to locate and the one they did get after a long backorder was broken.  Apple rocks.

Guess I should also mention the headaches were so-so throughout the trip.  I tried to limit the alcohol consumption after the first night which seemed to limit the amount of Ibuprofen, etc I needed to take.

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