These past few days have been crazy and I’m hoping that it finally settles down.

Our second car, which I basically use for getting to work and school starting next week, died at work Monday morning.  I had gotten to work and saw a flicker of the battery light on my dash.  After I parked my car in the office parking garage, I figured I should try starting my car to be sure it worked properly.

Nope, nothing.  Dead.

To make it even better, I lost my heat on the way to work that morning.  Not a big deal on that since a new thermostat is like $20 plus labor.  $200 later, a new battery and thermostat, and two trips to the mechanic, the car was fine.


I dropped the dog off at the groomer’s this morning before work with the intention to pick him up at lunch and take him home, heading back to work.  I got the call that the dog was finished and when I tried to start the car – click, nothing.  Again.  Shit.  Well, I said more than shit.  I was actually quite composed for this being a three day ordeal through hell.  I got a jump from roadside again, got the dog while I left the car running, went home and then accidentally shut the car off.  Talk about dumb.  Came down to a bad wire on the battery and the mechanic came and jumped the car and did the final repair for free.  I’ll go back to them again if [read: when] I need to.

We’re shopping for a new car now.

I’m starting school again this semester next week and it sucks but I can’t handle not having an unreliable second car.  I mostly work downtown which is about five miles and only a 30 minute bus ride away but on nights I have school it’s a 25 mile trip after work.  Plus now Tazz works about 15 miles from home and the bus lines make it impossible for him to take one.  Cars suck and they give me a headache.

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I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


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