The last few weeks have blown by so fast I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas eve already.  Tazz and I have been doing a good portion of our shopping in actual store rather than online this year.  I didn’t realize how much I missed doing the running around and stuff to do the shopping.  The hustle and bustle is quite fun for little bits at a time.

I did realize something today, however, and so did Tazz.  This new medication for the migraines, Zonisamide, is putting a slight haze/fog over things once in a while.  We were at the self-checkout lanes at Home Depot and while he was checking out some items for home, I was checking out a gift card for my dad.  Before I realized what I was going on I had typed in $50.00 and paid.  I didn’t even ask myself what dollar amount (which I wanted $35 because I had other stuff for him!) and it was like I turned off my brain during the whole transaction.  We were walking out of the store and I said oh shit what the hell did I do $50 for?!  I’m going to keep and eye on it and will only let it go so far.

We’re watching The Tin Man from the Sci Fi channel tonight.  It’s a rewrite of the Wizard of Oz and it’s actually pretty good.  There are a lot of good actors in it and the writing seems to be spot on for a science fiction rendering of the book.   It’ll probably be an early evening for us with Tazz having to work in the morning.  We’re going by my parents’ house tomorrow night for the annual Christmas meat fondue :).  Take care and it may be a few days until I have another post.

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Jazz · December 24, 2007 at 11:39 PM

interesting article about posible source of migraines.

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