WrappingI have finally been able to catch up on some of the big ugly sore “to do” tasks that have been a pain in my side the past two weeks and I feel like I’m wrapping up this school semester too.  I haven’t had much time for the fun things in life like playing our Nintendo Wii or even making dinner most nights.  But, in the end it’ll be worth the effort and all that hullabaloo you keep telling yourself to get over the stress, right??

After working with my friend at my doctor’s office, Anthem (my insurance company) and PrecisionRx (my mail order pharmacy) for over two months, I finally have a prescription in hand of Protonix.  The whole debacle started with me wanting to refill generic Prilosec which they don’t allow anymore and now I have to go with a name brand and pay more.  I let my insurance company have it last week, ripping some poor guy a new anus being fed up with the run-around.  Feeling like nothing was going to happen, I get an automated phone call the next day from PrecisionRx saying my order was on its way.  I was dumbfounded.  I’m crossing my fingers the refill is easier.

PillsI consulted with my neurologist this past week about the new medication, Zonisamide as well.  The frequency of migraines seems to have decreased but not to a level that I’m satisfied.  Prior to starting we both agreed upon a game plan and also a dosage limit, etc.  We’ve increased it to 300mg/day from 150mg/day with me increasing it by 50/mg a day every few days over the next week or so.  I really want this drug to work because it is generic and also because it would mean no headaches 😉 .

School is finishing up this next week.  I need to study for my Java programming exam and also start on a final project for the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 C# class.  I was supposed to start on the final project weeks ago but I didn’t.  That’s just me – Last Minute Molly.  In case you’re wondering, that first image is of how to properly wrap beef.  Get it, wrapping up.  Ha, I’m funny today.

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