ZonisamideI’m back from the doctor (actually I was at 10am) and he seemed pretty optimistic. We’ve tried a lot of different things and this time we’re going to try another anticonvulsant, Zonisamide.  It’s in a generic form, which is good for my pocketbook, but he believes the side effects are much less than Topamax.  In general, they are in the same chemical class of drug.  The one thing I’m hoping for is the effect it has on weight loss.  I could use a little bit of help and the Topamax did help a little when I was on it.

He also told me to cut out the caffeine.  No more Rockstar beverages and only decaf coffee for me until at least February.  With how much coffee and soda I’ve been drinking lately, I should be ashamed!  The one client I work at three days a week provides Starbucks brewed coffee and soda for free.  Now I’ll just stick to the decaf coffee pot.  I’m sure my teeth with thank me too for not having as much acid around in my mouth.  Yeek!

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