Sheep BirthdayThis Wednesday marks two full years of me complaining about discussing my headaches and my life that revolves around them.  It’s crazy that it’s only been two years since it seems like I’ve been actively involved in blogging longer than that.  Honestly, this is the first thing I’ve kept on doing longer than a month before some other shiny metal thing grabs my attention.

I wanted to review a little of what’s happened to me in the past two years.  Maybe not so much for your sake, but as a tool for me to reflect.  That sounds sappy but why have a journal if you never reread it, right?

  1. Topamax hurt me more than helped me.
  2. I finally got out of my deadend job; 4 employers total in the past two years since leaving the hell hole.
  3. I got my bachelor’s degree and now I’m going back for my master’s.
  4. Coffee is a drug and I’m a pusher.
  5. I’ve had raw sewage dumped all over me.
  6. Stomach acid sucks big time.
  7. Losing weight also sucks big time.
  8. I’m more scared about losing my vision than being in pain all day.
  9. Verapamil made me fatter.
  10. Hawaii is awesome.
  11. Podcasts are fun but take a lot of effort to do them.
  12. Aging parents frighten me.

I’ve learned and experienced much more past these twelve items.  I never wanted my head pain to define who I was or to change how I interact with the world.  The truth is, I am the headache pain and it’s me.  I’m just glad I have a place to bitch and whine about it! 😉


I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


ErinM · October 3, 2007 at 11:51 AM

Happy blogiversary!

…when did you have raw sewage dumped on you??

… do I want to know that story?

(haha… my word verification is “whipped inc.”. 😀

deborah · October 11, 2007 at 6:53 AM

First, EEWWW on the raw sewage!!! And I totally can relate on the Stupimax, everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I could have the words in my head, but for the life of me, it just wouldn’t flow (ok,thinking sewage now – thanks) from the mouth for nothing! YUCK. I still have some of the risidual effects, or maybe it’s just migraine, I don’t know which. still there, regardless.

By the way, I take 180 of the Verapamil and have had no probs with weight gain. Are you taking anything else for preventative? I do have s e v e r a l others.

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