Bored ManI’m in class right now and I should really be paying attention.  However, this evening I do not feel like experiencing the joy of Java graphical user interface programming.  Shockingly, it’s just too damn boring.  I only go to class once every two weeks, so I guess I should really pay attention.  Luckily, my instructor doesn’t care if we’re paying attention or not as long as we’re not talking on our cell phones.  One guy has an entire meal out in Tupperware in front of his keyboard.  Guess that no food or drink sign must not be visible where he is sitting.

I got into work this morning at the new client (the investment firm).  The manager greeted me and said “Welcome Home!”.  It’s nice to be working for a client that has interaction with others.  The first place was nice, but sitting in an unhabited section of the office got old pretty quick.  I was told that I may actually be at this new place for more than a year.  I’m excited, actually.

Now the guy next to me is rolling some sort of Indian spring roll.  I thought *I* ate a lot.

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ErinM · September 28, 2007 at 3:12 PM

At least you get a computer in class. I just get to doodle on graph paper. 🙂

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