Disclaimer: Sales people are vital to our economy. I love buying things from sales people. This post describes the car-sales like salesperson that exists in the office today.

Frustration So I’m having a horrible headache day with a bitch of a throb emanating from my favorite left temple region. Ibuprofen isn’t even beginning to touch it. I’ve been a good boy and drank plenty of water, got some OJ and even though happy thoughts. Nothing. It’s still there biting its thumb at me.

Any headache is bad enough in my book to be on the “Major Suck” list. However, today, I have another +1 to +5 points on the suckage scale. In the conference room right next to my desk is a meeting with a sales person from Dun & Bradstreet yacking about how good he is and how life is so splendid with their products. Over here I’m wincing with every “my dick is bigger” bellow of laughter coming from that fat ass’ crooked-teeth mouth.

Can you tell I’m pissed?

The topper of it all is they have the door closed. I’d go and say something to them but I’d be afraid I’m come off as some stupid ass consultant who whines a lot about salespeople. I actually feel like going on websites that let you put in a telephone number to have a sales person call you within a minute and use the telephone number in the conference room. I’ll have to put that one in my book for future use.

Saving grace is I leave in a half hour. Whew.

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