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Well, I successfully completed the examination and now am officially a Sun Certified Java Programmer.  Hoo-rah!  I’ve been dreading this day since June and I’m glad it’s over and done!  The owner of the company I work for was really happy to hear I passed; it makes me easier to market to clients too.

I’ve had a headache since around 11am today.  I attributed it to stress and took some Excedrin to whisk away the pain.  It worked until about 2pm which lovingly coincided with the wrap-up of the examination.  I think I could have gotten a better score if I had the patience to review the answers but I wanted to leave because of the pain.  When I got back into the car I slammed Ibuprofen.  That lasted until about 3:30 and now I’m back to taking more Excedrin at 6pm.  Right now I can feel it right above my left eye and it’s going through my head like a straight line back to where the skull bone sticks out behind your ear.  This is the “normal” migraine pain but the intensity is enough to make me nauseous.  Blah.  This better end soon because the pizza is getting here soon and I want to enjoy it.  😐

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ErinM · August 29, 2007 at 1:19 PM


Hope the head pain is gone by now.

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