PuddleIt appears that Wisconsin has been transformed into Seattle. I’m still looking for the Pacific Ocean, however. We have had continuous rain or fog/mist cover the past few days. I like rain, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like multiple days of rain producing nothing but 10 foot grass mounds in my back yard and flooding in the street. That’s not so much fun. My head has also been on a low, dull thud since this system moved in last weekend. Nothing seems to help it, so I try to ignore it. I doubt it’s migraine-related but most likely sinus since I’ve been on death’s bed for three weeks. That may be a little too dramatic.

I’m finally getting a new assignment at work. I’m hopefully going to be working at a neat place only two miles from where I live. The 25 mile commute hasn’t sucked too bad with my current assignment because I can get in at 7am and leave before the traffic gets bad. I have to go with my account manager to “interview” at the place to make sure I’m a good fit. I have to remember I’m a consultant, not a temp. It feels somewhat similar but the pay isn’t. I’m actually getting one of my friends to apply and interview for my current employer; he was the one that got me my previous job and now I’m pulling him from there. Hee hee!

I’m going to go sit in a puddle now. Enjoy!

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I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.

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ErinM · August 21, 2007 at 4:24 PM

I’ll trade weather with you. I’d much rather have days of rain than the blinding heat we’ve been having.

Good luck on your “interview”. Gr. That doesn’t feel like the right word.

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