I can feel a headache brewing in the recesses of my brain this morning.  It started as a mild neck pain on my left side but now it’s progressed into tension in my temple region.  I’m contemplating not taking anything for it to make sure it’s a migraine instead of medicating at every sight of some pain twitch.  It’s kind of a damned if I do, damned if I don’t scenario.

We’re going camping again in early fall.  I’m excited to do it during a colder period of time; all through my childhood we always camped during the summer.  It’ll be nice to have the campfire because we actually need it to stay warm, not to just cook food and roast marshmallows.  We got a really nice spot and it’s apparently secluded which is rare in most campgrounds.

I’m also taking another quick trip down to San Antonio in mid September again.  My primary purpose for visiting in March was due to my step grandmother’s dementia.  Since then she had lung surgery to remove a cancerous section and she is doing better now.  I was able to snag a free ticket from Northwest with all of those miles from Hawaii and the business travel in May.  :)  It just so happens I’ll be down there for her birthday so it worked out nicely.

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