We had a great time camping this past weekend.  The weather was beautiful and the bugs not so bad.  My headaches, on the other hand, were not so good.  I found myself medicating at least twice a day for the three days we were gone.  I’m sure the camp fire and particulates didn’t help so much.  The stress of setting up camp, etc also wasn’t too fun.   All things considered, it was worth going.

Getting back into the groove after camping sucks.  I can remember being in a “funk” after camping when I was a kid.  Of course my parents usually had the mother of all fights during camping trips so it wasn’t always an unwelcome return.

Haven’t started Harry Potter yet.  I’ve been reading a fairly large-sized book for a programming language certification exam for work.  It means a pay increase when I pass so it’s kind of the focus of what I’ve been reading.  Although finding the motivation has been hard lately.  Every time I get home I’m wiped and I think a lot of it is caffeine hangover.  I should really cut back on the coffee and soda during the day.

Enough for now; I have a lot to catch up on.  🙂

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