Tazz and I just got back from a road trip to South Dakota. We had a lot of fun but my headaches weren’t exactly helpful. For the first time in the past few years, my headaches did not decrease while being at a different location than Milwaukee. Usually I notice a drop in frequency of the headaches when in a different climate, etc but this time they were worse. I found myself taking Ibuprofen and Excedrin at least twice to three times a day with most of it being ineffective.

I didn’t let it dampen my spirits though. We still did quite a bit while we were there and ended up having fun. I drove the entire way and back by my own choice. I like driving for some reason. I really missed our dog for some reason this trip and was happy to have him come back from Tazz’s mom’s place today. I’m still in a “funk” since our return. I think it’s a little bit of post-vacation depression as well as just being worn out. My stomach hasn’t been too well either from all of the dining out at restaurants. I’m trying to make today be my day to catch up on things but I just haven’t been able to do it. This post is one of 100 things I need to do.

I’m reading a book for a programming language certification exam for work. If I pass and get certified, I get an automatic increase in my salary. I have every reason to read it and I actually do enjoy doing it. For some reason, I can’t find the motivation to keep me going. I’m either tired, or having an ADHD moment, or having a headache. Frustrating, very frustrating.

I have pictures from our trip on my Flickr photostream in case you’re interested. It was fun. We go camping in two weeks with two of our friends which should be fun. I am asking the gods for colder temperatures; being in the banks of the Mississippi River with muggy 90 degree weather equals many many bugs.

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