My trip for work ended up going okay, for the â??workâ? portion of it all.  I did come home with pretty nasty shin splints with all the stairs and steel floors I was walking on.  I should have spent the extra money on the really nice steel toe shoes.  A number of times I felt uncomfortable there since I am not open about my sexuality and a number of discussions would make even some straight guys blush.  I already had my mind made up that I was leaving before this happened, but it was kind of the final motivator.

Right before I went on the trip, I interviewed with a consulting firm a friend works for.  I had talked to this place about a year before I graduated but decided to wait on accepting an offer so I could finish school, and they were cool with that.  During my trip I had a technical interview and was then offered the job.  Iâ??m excited, but guarded.  I know consulting can be frustrating because not all assignments are good and sometimes the conditions can suck.  The approach Iâ??m taking is, if it sucks, it wonâ??t last long because Iâ??ll be moving on to another assignment soon enough.

My headaches have been okay the past few weeks.  I had three nasty migraines during my trip that I can remember, all at airports or right before leaving for the airport.  I think it probably involved a stress relief triggering the headache.  Excedrin kind of worked but it was all that I had.

Since Iâ??ve been back, I have had nothing again.  I just started drinking coffee again in the morning now that I am back in the office.  I donâ??t know if that will continue once I start working for the consulting firm since each site will be different.  I should really try to cut out caffeine but itâ??s been harder to do than stop smoking (which I have still havenâ??t had a cigarette since November 12th!).

Finally, Iâ??ve reassessed my goals from the New Year and Iâ??ve come up with the following:

  • Take more photographs and frame them
  • Start & finish household repairs
  • Read more books
  • Exercise more often
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I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


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