This is my last week at work before I am in South Carolina for almost four full weeks.  The plan is to come home on the weekends, but that could change if needed.  I’m scared but excited as well.  I’ve never traveled for work let alone work on a customer site.  For my sake (and for my employer’s) I hope it’s a good experience.

On Friday I left work early and went to the dog park with Tazz and Burkley.  Burkley is a very hyper dog in new situations, like the dog park.  Some of the dogs just didn’t know how to handle him at first.  We’re trying an anti-anxiety drug on him because it’s not good for him to be that high strung even after 6 years of life.  We can’t really tell if it’s working but he’s not shaking as much when sitting still.

Saturday we ended up waiting for the cable guy to come for over three hours.  His last job was a hellish one and we didn’t get lucky to be first on the list.  We got a new DVR and their phone service which took almost two hours to set up and install everything.  It shouldn’t have taken that long but the cable guy insisted on being chatty, which I guess is better than a smelly mean guy.  Everything in the end worked, so we were happy.  Saturday night we went by our friends’ house and had dinner and a few drinks.  The weather was nice so we sat outside and talked for a couple of hours!

Sunday was a relaxing day as well.  I got the lawn cut, opened the house up for some air, and even did shopping that we have been putting off.  We felt kind of off the whole day and ended up just being lazy in the afternoon.  Today I don’t feel much better but I had to go to work to prep for next week.

Headaches have been so-so like usual.  No major attacks but enough annoyances.  Please let them hold out until after I get back from my travels…

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