I came into work this morning and realized I hadn’t posted anything since last week when Tazz and I were at the coffee shop.  Oops.  I guess it’s a good thing, maybe??  The headaches have subsided to 1-2 in a week rather than 1-2 a day.  I had this type of recession last year when I took myself off the Topamax.  I’m hoping it holds out.  It gets to a point where after a day I forget I even have a problem with head pain.  One could hope.

We met my parents for lunch yesterday at Applebee’s and had a good time.  I saw a friend from my old job.  I talk with him online all the time so it was nice seeing him.  I do miss the place; I worked there for almost eight years.  He’s finally getting an interview to move on.  A lot of my other “work” friends haven’t done much in eight months.  People threaten to leave but never seem to be able to get out of that evil pit of despair.  [ maybe too dramatic… ]

My eyes have been bugging me lately.  I promised myself that I would make an appointment with an eye doctor.  Not a shopping mall eye glass dude, but a real doctor of eye diseases.  I think they’re called ophthalmologists rather than optometrists.  I can’t tell if it’s a bad prescription or if my eyes are just dry all the time.  I get fuzzy vision in the mornings mostly and artificial tears don’t seem to help.  It’s weird.  It reminds me of how my vision got when I was on Topamax…  Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

Other than a birthday party on Saturday, it’s been pretty much a normal work.  I have a project at work to spend my time on for a few weeks.  I need a focused task rather than doing a little of everything right now.  I am supposed to travel to South Carolina in April and it could be for weeks at a crack.  Yuck.  BUT, software engineers where I live tend to travel because of the market.  If I lived in California, I would have a three hour commute each day rather than traveling once in a while.  Fun.

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