Tonight Tazz and I went out for dinner & drinks with our friends Eric & Katie.  We had a great time talking about crap and drinking various tap beers.  This has to be one of the first nights I’ve had alcohol and no headaches.  I wonder if not smoking has a lot to do with it.  I have to admit (silently to not spoil my luck) that my frequency of headaches has been gradually decreasing since we both stopped smoking.

My doctor always said smoking was bad, and I’ve known it since second grade when the Lung Association sent a rep in with the foam lungs and a cigarette.  When I saw the foam lungs turn yellow from one single cigarette I should have known better.  But there is something with drinking and smoking that is utterly compulsive.  Tonight we did well, but I heard Lady Tobacco calling.

We did do well in Minnesota.  We ended up going to a casino for a few hours and ended up leaving because the smoke screwed up our night.  Tonight we did move to a corner table where it wasn’t so bad.  I haven’t admitted defeat and won’t sit in non-smoking at our favorite bar.  The non-smoking section is in a separate part and it doesn’t feel like “our place”.  It wasn’t so bad though.  We got through it.

I’m partly glad that cigarette smoke makes me sick.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to be one of “those people” that made other smokers feel bad about themselves when they smoke.  Luckily, every single of our friends was either a non-smoker or a social smoker when we smoked.  Tazz’s Aunt quit as of 1/1/07 and our best friend Kim just decided to not smoke because we don’t.  How fun 🙂

Now if the headaches would just stop.  Dammit!

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ErinM · February 4, 2007 at 8:00 PM

I am SO happy to hear that your migraines are decreasing! And I’m even happier to hear that the “quit smoking” plan has been going to well. Keep up the great work!

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