This is my first full week back at work; I’m sure it’s the same for most of us corporate fools. I was told last week that I wouldn’t have to participate in a 5 day meeting with our customer. I come in early Monday morning to get a head start on what I wanted to do and I get a call from my supervisor. He has an epiphany over the weekend and now thinks I should sit in. Fun. The only benefit is my employer provides lunch every day.

ChefTazz and I went to a place called Dinner by Design this past weekend. This place makes up dinners for you to bring home. The deal is, they provide the recipes and instructions, the prepared food components, and the containers to take it home in. You spend about two hours preparing the full meals and labeling them with individual instructions. When you get home, you freeze everything except the next 2 days meals. Even though we ordered “12” meals, it’s more like 24 in reality. The problem we have is that with car pooling, we don’t get home until 5:15 or later. We walk our dog and it’s 6:00 before we can start thinking about a meal. The meals are healthy and taste good. We just have to add a side, if needed, and reuse/recycle the container.

I can’t tell for sure, but I think my headaches are decreasing in frequency. The problem I have is I don’t record them in my journal like I should be. They haven’t been responding to Excedrin so I am switched back to Ibuprofen. The pain usually goes away with a half hour. My fear is the over the counter drugs will stop working. I don’t even use them anymore for aches and pains because I just wait to get my daily headache and then juice up. It’s hard to decide to move to an anti-seizure medication when it’s more damaging to my liver than Ibuprofen.

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