SnowflakeI’m excited that the holidays are upon us. I’m off of work, we’re going to my parents Sunday and Tazz’s parents on Monday. We actually have money this year to buy gifties for everyone too. Tonight we’re spending the evening just watching movies. It’s nice just plain relaxing for once. Then again, I’ve spent the entire day wrapping all of those gifties we’re giving away.

My Aunt in Texas has a birthday at the end of the month. I usually try to do separate things for her because I know growing up her birthday probably always got wrapped into Christmas. This year, I told her that I didn’t know what to get her. We’re both alike in that we don’t need trinkets and stuff like that. I’m a real practical gift-giver. I made a donation to a nature preserve in Wisconsin in her name. I figured this would be much more symbolic than just sending a yule log :).

Shockingly the headaches have been decent. Two days ago I had to take Ibuprofen twice. Lately the headaches have opted to a morning offering rather than later in the day. I’m hoping for a ice pick free weekend, but we can’t have everything can we. I just got my insurance cards from my new employer. I spent some time going through the medical stuff including prescriptions and the doctors list. I’m happy to find my preferred neurologist on their list along with my new family medicine guy. Nexium is going to be expensive so I may switch to generic Prilosec, which they shockingly carry. UnitedHealthcare dropped Prilosec when it went over the counter a few years back. I’m also going to go back onto a generic blood pressure medication because Target and Wal-Mart carry it for $4/month. Can’t beat that.

It’s been a fairly decent year. Tazz has a job that he likes and I have a job that I think will be something I’ll enjoy doing for a long time. We’re looking at moving soon; I’ve been getting the photography bug more and more and I would like to have a house that has room for a mini studio. Our basement isn’t tall enough to do something easily and I’ve love to be able to do portraits to help pay for the toys. My friend Stacy also moved back into town and we’re seeing each other more often. It’s nice having more than two friends. 🙂

So if I don’t make it back onto my blog, everyone have a good holiday. Be it Yule, Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanzaa, or just the New Year; have a good one. Warm fuzzies and hot chocolate for all!

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