Whew this was an active past week.  On Monday, I interviewed for a new job as a Software Design Engineer.  One of my friends works for the company I applied at and I think that helped.  I got a call back late Thursday with a job offer.  It’s more travel (meaning from zero currently to 25% or more potentially) but I’m working with hardware and software.  I’m excited but scared to hell as well.  It’s way outside my comfort zone but I need a challenge.  Public sector just plain sucks but the job was secure.  A lot of my coworkers are content with just breaking even because they get raises anyway.  To make a long story short, my current boss nearly soiled herself when I told her.  I feel bad because they used a lot of training credits for me to learn PeopleSoft but “at will” employment means just that, at will.

I love fall.  I dislike raking, but I love fall.  I’m one of those weird people who likes the cold rainy days.  I like being warm under a comforter sitting on the couch with my dog and doing inside stuff.  Too many days gets old really quick, but it’s fun.  It’s raining again today and I have a throb in the back left side of my head.  It’s very odd; I think I’m the newest addition to the human weather predictor.  I don’t have a creaky knee or hip to tell me when rain is coming; I get glossed over eyes and an ice pick in my head.  I feel like the precog painter dude on Heroes.  hahaha

Off to work I go, with my iPod in hand to drown out the whiners and the snorers.  Have a lovely day 🙂

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I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


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