I’ve mentioned that I’ve been walking at lunch instead of sitting and, again, filling my pie hole with breakfast burritos.  I used a cool site called Gmaps Pedometer to map out my routes so I know approximately how far I’ve walked.  I’ve considered bring my GPS unit with me but the accuracy jumps up to less than 30 feet in between the buildings in my area.  I just have to remember the route and I can click it onto a Google maps while it shows how far I’ve gone.  The past couple days, I’ve walked around 2 miles in 45 minutes throughout a downtown area.  Not bad for a beginner I think :).

I have to be careful because my body isn’t used to this kind of exercise.  My shins hurt, and I hope it isn’t early shin splints setting in.  Usually shin spints apply to runners, but when you have 280lbs on a 6’3″ frame pounding on feet that aren’t used to this abuse, your shin muscles can easily weaken.

The good thing is I’ve been feeling better about myself.  I’m not looking to lose weight instantaneously.  The main problem I’ve had in the past is sticking to a regimen of something.  If I stick to it long enough, it won’t feel like a regimen, just normal life.

Okay, back to work.  I must now exercise the brain.  Ha!

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