I had lots of fun in my first knitting class last night. It was more of what people call a “Stich N Bitch” than a formal course. I was the only guy there, which didn’t surprise me. Funny enough, the person who taught me how to knit a couple years ago was a guy. The ladies in the class were very nice and liked to gab a lot while knitting. I got a refresher course on how to cast on and to do the basic stitches. For the first time I started using multiple colors which is something I could never figure out how to do from the books I have.

I’m happy I’m getting back into the artsy craftsy stuff. It keeps my mind (and body!) busy with things that are more than just shoving breakfast burritos in my pie hole. I refuse to make dresses for soap bottles and fancy florettes on dish towels. I like functional things, like scarves and dog sweaters (hahahahaha). Yes, I want to get into custom dog clothing :). I’m weird.

I’m getting a headache and the Excedrin isn’t taking the edge off. Enough for now and my break is over anyway at work. Toodles. I’m working on the podcast for this week by the way; I missed a week ­čÖü

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