I’ve been reading The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski.  I had this book assigned to me in one of my English classes but I never read it; I BS’d my way through the quizzes.  But now, I’m reading it and there is a moment in the book that opened my mind a little.

The book is about a kid during World War II in Poland.  He was sent to the countryside like a lot of families did to keep them safe.  His foster mother died and ends up wandering from place to place.  One instance he is roomed with an abusive family and the father ends up digging out the eyes of a young man who lusts after his wife.  I nearly threw up on the bus reading the passage.  However, at the end of the chapter, the boy has a brief insight into life (yes, I know how punny) that I think applies:

“I made a promise to myself to remember everything I saw; if someone should pluck out my eyes, then I would retain the memory of all that I had seen for as long as I lived.”

As I was walking to work this morning, I made myself look around and notice the things that normally just go by.  I thought about the things that I would miss if my headaches got worse or if I lost my sight.  Just a philosophical morning, I suppose.

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