I signed up for a knitting class through the City recreation program.  It’s eight weeks, two hours a week starting the 28th.  I’m very excited.  I taught myself the basics of knitting a while back using books and a friend who once knitted.  I never got into complex patterns or more than the basic knit/purl and increasing and decreasing.  Knitting in circles is really what I want to do so I can start making sweaters and hats.  My friend hasn’t knitted for years and his advice was sort of, oh, conflicting.

So I’m starting over with this class.  Yay!  Since I don’t have school anymore, I need something to fill the time when I’m watching reality TV.  Yeah, it’s sad how much my TiVo gets a work out for me.  I even hacked the box so I can schedule recordings over the Internet and I can pull stuff off to burn onto DVD.  Honestly, I usually do other things when watching TV like e-mail, letters, bills, etc.

My headaches have been quite calm the past week.  Most of it I was doped up on Dayquil which has a significant amount of Tylenol in it.  I suppose it was acting like a preventative dose every four hours.  I did have a wicked rebound headache earlier in the week when I missed a dose.  I’m feeling much better now with my cold and haven’t taken the Dayquil for probably a day and a half.  I’m wondering where the headaches went.

Enough for now; I’m at work and probably should do that work instead of fun stuff like the blog.  A new podcast episode is coming this weekend!  I need to look for better introduction music; sounds like it’s introducing some sports show.  Too funny.

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