It’s very yucky out right now.  We reached heat indices of over 110 degrees this week and it nearly cooked my brain.  Luckily I’m doing okay in the heat waiting for the bus and such after work.  This reminds me a little of Hawaii and Las Vegas mixed together.

And yes, Las Vegas is a DRY HEAT.  Whatever that means.  When I was in Vegas and it was 112 out one day, it really didn’t matter that it was a dry heat.  It was fucking hot.  (Excuse the language, but there is no other word to describe the nature of that day.)

So I sit in my centrally air-cooled house typing on my iMac as I unconciously complain that my feet are cold from the vent.  I can’t win, can I?  I caught a migraine today with an Excedrin before it reached critical mass.  They’ve been wicked lately so I’m happy it went away without too much tearing or pain.  I explained to two coworkers that I have daily migraines and they couldn’t understand how I was so cheery with that kind of ailment.  My headaches are kind of personal; maybe because I’m obviously the only one experiencing that delightful red-hot-railroad-spike-through-to-my-frontal-lobe discomfort.  Or simply when you tell an outsider you have migraines, they think in the back of their head that it must not be that bad.

I can tell you this, I think I smile to keep my life moving.

And because I hate pity parties. (editorial note: I have this blog as the one place to bitch and whine about my poor little problem.  So, I like pity; just not to my face 🙂 )  So back to my coworkers (these are new coworkers that knew nothing about the headaches).  I know I’m working with older people when they both try to one-up me on medical woes.  My headaches were trumped with both diabetes and something with a hip condition.  It was kind of funny; I left soon after this because I got a headache.  Awesome timing as usual.

Have a lovely week.  Hopefully it’s not as hot wherever you are 🙂

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ErinM · August 2, 2006 at 6:35 AM

Oh yes, it is quite hot here. It’s “only” in the 90’s but with the unusual humidity that we’ve been having here (San Diego), it feels well over 100.

Although, I have to say… summer rain is quite cool!

Headache Blog Buzz | The Daily Headache · February 22, 2008 at 7:44 PM

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