It’s getting colder out as the days pass. I welcome spring and the Equinox. It’s time for a change I think.

I was reading through my RSS feeds and I found a very good post by Kerrie on The Daily Headache about toxicity of over the counter drugs like Tylenol. I’ve always known that I risk killing my liver with the amount of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory) that I take. This article is making me really consider how much I do take! I still haven’t gone back to my neurologist (you can hit me now).

My dad’s ear surgery went well. I can’t recall if I mentioned it in my blog or not. An ear nost throat doctor found a pin hole in his ear drum and a lot of scar tissue. Luckily a microscope was enough to get it fixed. He’s going to be without much hearing for weeks but it should come back. The doctor had to graft some skin onto his ear drum. Yikes.

I also just moved all of my domains to a new server. I bought a real server on the Internet hosted by GoDaddy. I’m now selling accounts to my friends for cheaper to cover my costs. It’s kind of fun and I even bought a SiteBuilder tool for my HTML-lacking friends. 🙂 Hopefully this blog is faster now with less outages. I’m always surprised by the amount of traffic this pulls in!!!

Have a good St. Patty’s weekend; I am going to go by a friend’s house tonight with Tazz.

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