Can you tell I’m thrilled?  Actually, I have to admit, the snow on Sunday was kind of relaxing after I got home from driving in it.  It’s starting to melt already so now it’ll just turn into mud.  Lovely!
I had a bad bad headache on Sunday. We were driving back from picking up our dog from Tazz’s mother’s house and it hit me. This one was bad enough to make my left eye start tearing up. When I got home I took my new crack, rapid release Tylenol. It went away for the most part in 15 minutes after the drugs.  I felt like crap the rest of the day however.

I’m working on a mid-term exam right now for my Discrete Mathematics.  I’d rather be grinding corn into flour.  Seriously, this material is very hard and I’m finding little value in it.  Being a computer programmer, this is the subject I should find very interesting.  Having a poor instructor and the world’s worst book doesn’t help.  Maybe that’s it; math is my trigger.  Probably not, but it would make for a funny cartoon.  Back to my homework!!

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