I’ve mentioned this before, but again I am yet to be motivated.  I really need to get back onto a preventative.  It may also be rebound, but my headaches the past few days have been really bad.  Tylenol, no matter how good they portray it, isn’t good for your stomach.  However, Topamax wasn’t good for a lot more than just my stomach and kidneys.  Again, the cycle of finding a good match of medication is coming.  Blah.  Living out of med samples for months isn’t something I look forward to.  I now just need to make the call for the doctor so I do it.

I’ve been reading more lately (as you can tell by my sidebar).  I found a bunch of good current books on migraines and related treatments.  “100 Questions & Answers About Migraines” has been very helpful with finally answering some of the questions I’ve had since this ordeal started in 2002.  A good point I want to bring up was mentioned in a way in the book.  When you go to your doctor, you may find that you missed things you wanted to bring up or couldn’t find the words to describe an experience.  You absolutely need to keep a written journal.  I just started mine again.  I want to have something to remind me of the exact feeling during a migraine along with food intakes, duration, location, feeling before, environment, etc.  The differences between terminology used over the past few years is also discussed.  What was a migraine 10 years ago isn’t the same vocabulary today.

I’m off to bed.  More later as I read these books over the next week or so.

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