This past weekend was a nightmare. We invited a friend over for dinner and a movie to our house. We don’t often have house guests, so this was going to be a fun night. We got back from shopping and I started cleaning the fridge out. I ended up putting old cooked noodles down the garbage disposal and clogging the drain for the kitchen and the bathroom sinks. What a mess. A friend ended up coming over on Sunday morning to help (after my two hours of snaking). We got it cleared up in about a half hour but at one point a pipe threw up all over us. It was a reenactment of Amnityville Horror 2. Serious. Gross.

I found a new friend – Tylenol Rapid Release capsules. They get rid of a headache within five minutes, it’s crazy. I ended up buying the generic brand and it works just as well. According to their site the pills dissolve completely within three minutes and enter the bloodstream starting after minute one. Why can’t they do this will all pills?!

My partner dropped off a flower pot and balloons yesterday for Valentine’s Day. It’s the first year in a while that we’ve done anything for each other on the greeting card holiday. I was very surprised and my coworkers are jealous. Hee hee. I got him an iPod Video (part V-Day & part Birthday gift) and some accessories.  Happy fun!  Take care; I’ll try to be more on a schedule with my posts 🙂

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Jackie · February 16, 2006 at 10:45 PM

I found that Tylonal Rapid Release also works really well on my headaches! Generally I take it in combination with something a little stronger but not as quick to work, that seams to be the best combination for me.

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