I spent most of yesterday working on taxes, doing laundry, and finishing up my homework.  It was one of those bad weather, stay inside, watch a few movies, and do your dishes days.  My partner and I ended up bumming around town picking up things from a few stores too.  We even finally made it to the natural pet food store and got a number of samples of dog food for our schnoodle.  He picked out the best of the bunch with a process of elimination.  His stomach is now upset because he’s going through detox, getting rid of all of the junk from the Purina dog food.  Poor little guy.

I am so tired today.  I got enough sleep but for some reason I’m just wasted.  I had a little bit of a headache so I decided to take an Excedrin because it has caffeine.  It is helping a little but concentration is difficult.  As you can see, things like this blog easily distract me today.

It’s starting to snow/sleet now.  It’s hovering just around freezing so I can forsee a skating rink on the freeway this evening.  Fun!  It’s always neat to be sliding around on a high-rise bridge over the lake.

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