ErinM commented on my last post and introduced a term I never heard of, CDH or Chronic Daily Headache. I’ve been doing some reading on this term and from what I’ve found, it’s very interesting. My neurologist (who yes, I need to get rid of) has never mentioned this classification of headache. Granted, I’m not the doctor, but this seems to fit better than “Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania” (CPH) which by the way literally means recurring pain in half of your head. Seriously. I think “Holycrapithurtsalot Inamyheaditis” would more accurately describe my symptoms. CDH seems to be classified as non-migraine; maybe somewhere between CDH and CPH but I don’t respond to Indomethacin…

I think I made this observation in an earlier post, but it seems that many of the diagnosis regarding migraines is a hit and miss type. Unless you express exact symptoms of the documented ailment, you’re in limbo. Migraines as we all know are something of a mystery. I don’t get an aura nor do I have enough pain to debilitate me most of the time. What bothered me during the first year or two after the pain started was that my doctors were willing to give me a diagnosis within the 10-minute visit. It wasn’t until after I was told I was obese that I realized I was dealing with quacks.

Oh the obese story, this one is good. At this point in my life, I surely was sick of primary care physicians. I decided to be proactive and self-refer myself to a neurologist. I picked the “best” neurologist in my area according to a local magazine. The offices are beautiful and the staff is very friendly. I’m escorted to my exam room and handed a hospital-type gown. Mind you, I am 6’3″ and 260lbs; not small nor do I have cankles though. The gown I got made ME blush. I felt like I had a mini-skirt on. After my exam the neurologist, this quiet Chinese man, tells me that since I’m on Lopressor for my blood pressure, I shouldn’t have migraines. He shows me on a chart that I’m “overly obese” and then proceeds to tell me that I put the gown on wrong, which is easy to put on. Huh? You’re telling a very vulnerable person that you can see their fat a$$ hanging out of their gown and putting them down even further that they put the gown on wrong?? Wow. I left there with a depression that lasted some time. I told this to my current neurologist and he flipped.

Just a point that some people should hopefully pick up; don’t take your doctor’s word for everything. Doctors have their own bad days, weird stereotypes that they follow, etc. Not everyone is objective. If you don’t like the answer you get or don’t fully understand what is going on, tell them to slow down and explain it all. Being pushed into a 10 minute window is crap especially when dealing with life-long ailments. After that bad experience I realized that I should have been in control of the situation, not this doctor. Who cares if they feel like you are wasting their time; they have no idea what it is like. 🙂

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ErinM · January 11, 2006 at 4:08 PM

I’m a bit behind on my blog-reading, so I just read this post. My apologies….

You’re right on the CDH stuff. It’s a fairly new concept, and one that a lot of doc’s are slow to talk about. It’s mixed somewhere with rebound headaches, transitional migraines, etc… it’s that gray area that all doc’s have their own opinions about.

My neuro says that my daily headaches are ALL migraines because they’re all one-sided. I’m not so sure I agree because they’re not typically accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound, nausea, etc… and my Maxalt (which generally “cures” my migraines) doesn’t help them. I think I’m one of those limbo-people. I’m not sure I’ll ever find a solution to my migraine issue.

However, Topamax does seem to have reduced the daily stuff. I still get 5-9 severe migraine attacks a month though. My neuro seemed happy on my progress when I went to see her last Monday. Most neuro’s say that a 50% reduction in severity &/or frequency is good. I say my life is still severely affected by them, and that’s unacceptable to me…

And I’ve hijacked your comments again! Sigh… I need to get that under control! 🙂

Take care,

Jessica · January 5, 2007 at 8:23 PM

I only wish I had your advice at my last appt with my neuro… it would have been easier, though I was about to cry as well so I’m not sure I would have followed the suggestions had I heard them before. Still, it’s good advice to follow.

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