Well, my little adventure with plumbing chemicals was unsuccessful. Got home to find out the upstairs was filling the laundry tubs; the clog moved and now isn’t going anywhere. I, being the smartest person in the world, decided to use more of the sulfuric acid drain cleaner (sounds stupid from the start doesn’t it?). That really made the house smell fun.

A friend came over and helped out with the mess. Eventually we got the pipe open, cleaned, and replaced. I was thoroughly disgusted but happy to help out to get it fixed.

The headaches have been tame over the past few days (I originally started this post 12/24 and have added on). I couldn’t get to sleep last night because of a stupid eye twitch and minor headache in my left temple, the normal spot. Had a good holiday weekend and was able to enjoy it too.

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I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


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