I think my new friend has been an ice pack lately. It seems like clockwork every evening this week I’ve had a headache. I end up falling asleep with ice on my head (which by the way is very STUPID unless you have a 15-20 minute gel pack). I have also been taking more Excedrin than I should be.

I just do not want to go back onto Topamax. At all.

I don’t want the vision problems (glaucoma for crying out loud!), tingling fingers and feet, tunnel vision and anxiety fits. Last year when I first started Topamax I had such a bad anxiety attack I thought the physical world was going to crash down and I was going crazy. Weird.

Maybe trying to find a decent book on headaches would be helpful. I’m very surprised I hadn’t thought of it earlier. The issue I’ve always had with these headaches is that the doctors say I’m too fat (which I’m not) and I need to lower my blood pressure. Well idiots, I’d have to go through gene therapy to fix the hereditary trait of hypertension first. The neurologists only try to treat and if the MRI is clear, whatever I have is atypical. Nice.

Logic would tell you if Imitrex, Depakote, Indocin, and about ten other drugs do nothing, that maybe it is something else? My current doctor doesn’t think an MRA is warranted. Interesting.

If you read the news and find an article about a guy digging his left temple out with a melon-baller, you’ll know its me.

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