But the swelling has gone down.

Yesterday I got to go take pictures at a conference our company was having locally. It was quite fun to do the thing I do outside of work at work and get paid. Of course had I been doing it on my own time, it would have been at $50.00/hour.

Headaches haven’t been too bad; once in a while I get a bad one. The past few days I have been sick with a sinus thing. I can’t take decongestants because of blood pressure issues and antihistamines because of my asthma. I finally got some Nasonex to prevent a lot of the crap in my sinus from making it to my lungs. It seems to help for a while.

I started this blog as a tribute to my migraines; it seems to be turning into more of a general blog. Well the purpose is here, for people to speak out about their migraines. I’m sure there are better forums but having a rolling dialogue is sometimes better than reading 40 different conversations in a forum. I’m happy I’m not on Topamax, simply put. It was wonderful being without migraines on it, but being blind didn’t suit me.

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I'm a 20-something full time geek, part time student and photographer with a life partner, dog, house, and the two cars. I also have an ice pick in my left temple every day.


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