It troubles me that my manager is not very forgiving for migraine-related doctor visits and procedures. He informed me last week that my usage of unplanned paid time off should be reviewed. I think that’s a subtle way to say I’m too sick OR he doesn’t believe me about my headaches.

That’s why I have ice packs, bottles of pills, and MRI films on my desk today. Because I’m making this up.

It amazes at how much sick time usage is ignored for pregnancies however. You tell me that EVERY office visit you’re taking is real. I get sick and it’s a big freaking deal because he doesn’t have a backup for me. Whatever.

I just hope these headaches don’t come back like they were last year and the year before that – 24×7 pain. I told my boss that I’ll endeavor to be more healthy.

Let us see if he picks up on the sarcasm.

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