I had a friend this weekend tell me about a home remedy for migraines that seems to help!

She instructed me to get some limes, cut one in half, and then rub it on my forehead at the onset of a headache. The lime burns a little on your forehead but it keeps the pain down and can make it go away. I tried it and it seemed to help for a while! How fruity 🙂

My diet this weekend was horrible; two parties and a lot of junk food. We’ll see how much my body hates me this week. I have a big test in school Tuesday night and I’m catching up from being off of work on Friday. It’s amazing how people act like mad children when you are out for one day… I guess it makes me feel important; or not.

I saw my full bottle of Topamax sitting in the cupboard yesterday. I started thinking about how much better it would be without the headaches and considered started taking them again. Topamax curbs your hunger too which would help with not eating so much. Then I started thinking about the tremors, pins & needles, and vision problems. I think right now, Ibuprofen and ice packs are acceptable.

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