The past two days haven’t been that bad with the headaches. Typical isn’t it? My body knows I am going for an MRI tomorrow and it’s going to stop being bad until after it. Whatever 🙂

My employer has been surprisingly lenient on my time off for this stuff. I got a warning in my annual review about unexcused sick time usage… We get two weeks of sick time a year and in the past 18 months I’ve used 50 hours. Most of it was for this crap; I also had some fun flu stuff this past season – I even had to go to the hospital for one incident.

Yesterday I tried fasting for the entire sun day with my friend who is Muslim. It was hard but after six or seven hours of not eating, it was fine until dusk. He was right though; food tastes much differently when you haven’t eaten or drank anything all day.

I get to bring my film from 2003 with me tomorrow; maybe they’ll give me digital copies of this MRI. I like having those films because I can take them to any doctor, rather than relying on the hospital-supplied radiologist. We’ll see what happens!

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